Root Canal Therapy in Farmington, NY

Are you suffering from infected, decayed, or damaged teeth? If yes, please consult a dentist near you at Dr. Mark DiMartino, D.D.S. our dentist will have a look and suggest the best treatment for you. If the tooth is extremely damaged or infected, you might need root canal therapy in Farmington, NY to treat the problem. Curious about what happens during root canal therapy? We suggest that you continue reading through the rest of the page.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

People see root canal therapies as scary experiences. However, nothing can be further from the truth. Root canal therapy is a standard dental procedure used to treat compromised teeth. And it is of relatively common occurrence at the dentist’s office.

Dr. DiMartino performs root canals only after properly inspecting the patient’s complaint. If the damage to the tooth is severe enough, the dentist in Farmington, NY will suggest root canal therapy to save the tooth. It is usually seen as a last attempt to save the tooth from extraction.

Why Root Canal Therapy?

If the root of your tooth is infected, it is a potentially serious problem and can result in several complications. You should get to Dr. Mark DiMartino, D.D.S as soon as possible, as you might need root canal therapy near you to clean and disinfect the infected root.

The process is simple. The dentist accesses the root canal and pulp by creating a small hole. The dentist begins clearing the damage and decay through this opening before sanitizing the area and sealing the tooth. The dentist might suggest placing a crown after the treatment for added protection.

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