Preventive Dentistry in Farmington, NY

Did you know that the best way to maintain the health and appearance of your smile in the most cost-effective way is to visit our dentist near you for preventive dental care in Farmington, NY? Preventive dentistry may not be something that you often think about. Still, when you consider its benefit to your smile and the health of your budget, we’re confident you’ll soon appreciate how our preventive dentist in Farmington, NY, can add value in both areas.

When you visit Dr. Mark DiMartino, DDS, for a comprehensive dental exam near you, he and his team will assess the health of your smile and detect minor concerns that they can treat at less expense than waiting for them to become larger ones.

The Value of Dental Exams and Teeth Cleaning

You may not notice that you have a small cavity developing on a tooth because you are not yet experiencing discomfort. So, the cavity goes ignored. But when you ignore a small cavity, it does only one thing – it grows into a larger cavity. Dentists can treat small cavities in minutes versus larger cavities that may require more invasive therapy or a dental crown as a part of their treatment plan.

Another example is gum disease. When you adhere to a regular schedule of professional teeth cleaning near you, your teeth and gums receive a deeper cleaning than anything you can replicate at home. Our dentist and his team can remove harmful bacteria that over-the-counter products cannot. The reason that it’s essential to remove bacteria in its most effective way is to prevent plaque from developing at the base of your teeth. When plaque develops, it does not go away on its own and will (notice we wrote “will,” not “may”) lead to tooth loss and other health concerns such as heart disease. Although dentists can treat gum disease with periodontal surgery, doesn’t it make more sense to choose a less invasive treatment like professional teeth cleaning?

Save Your Smile and Make Your Wallet Happy Too

Please give our preventive dentist in Farmington, NY, a call now to schedule your next preventive dentistry appointment.

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