Oral Cancer Screenings in Farmington, NY

At Dr. Mark DiMartino, D.D.S, we offer effective oral cancer screenings near you in a non-invasive manner. Oral cancer affects many people every year; however, people who chew tobacco are at a significantly higher risk. Nonetheless, the earlier we detect the disease, the more effective and better the treatment will be. Therefore, it is essential that you see our dentist in Farmington, NY for regular oral screenings along with your routine dental checkup.

What is Oral Cancer?

When we say oral cancer, we mean cancers of the tongue, cheek, mouth, lips, sinuses, throat, or palate. Oral cancer can be a life-threatening situation if left unattended. Hence, you should get screened as soon as possible, especially if you have symptoms associated with the disease.

The best measure for the treatment of oral cancer is early diagnosis. Oral cancers can be treated with success if detected early, which is why screenings are so important.

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

There are several symptoms of oral cancer, but the most common include bleeding in the mouth without any particular reason, pain in the ear, difficulty swallowing, speaking, or chewing. Moreover, if you notice constant soreness of the throat, lumps or spots on any part of the mouth, or red-white patches inside the mouth, you should seek immediate attention. Numbness or loss of feeling in any part of the mouth, neck, or face is also a common symptom.

At Dr. Mark DiMartino, D.D.S, Dr. DiMartino will look for all these symptoms during oral cancer screenings in Farmington, NY. We’ll also look for early traces of the disease to ensure everything’s alright. When diagnosed on time, oral cancers respond well to treatment; therefore, you should visit a dentist near you for a checkup.

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At Dr. Mark DiMartino, D.D.S, our objective is to provide patients with the highest levels of dental care and treatment. We urge you to call us to book an appointment for routine screening for oral cancer. We’ll also investigate any other dental complaints you may have.

Dr. DiMartino looks forward to your visit and assures you of a positive dental experience.

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