Dental Fillings in Farmington, NY

At Dr. Mark DiMartino, D.D.S, we offer state-of-the-art solutions for all your dental worries. Dental fillings near you are pretty common, and many people get them every day. It is a simple procedure, and you shouldn’t be worried about it at all. After all, Dr. DiMartino is a qualified and experienced professional. Anyway, if you’re interested to know more about dental fillings, we encourage you to continue reading.

Why Do People Need Dental Fillings?

Sometimes our teeth get damaged due to cavities, decay, or trauma. A dentist in Farmington, NY might suggest tooth fillings as a means of preventing further damage. Dental fillings are used to cover exposed cavities or injuries, such as cracked or broken teeth.

If left untreated, these exposed cavities can cause more problems in the future. Hence, it is vital that we get them filled as soon as possible to protect them from further harm. There are no downsides to the procedure, and it is relatively painless.

Types of Dental Fillings

There are several options when it comes to dental fillings in Farmington, NY. The most popular choice is silver amalgam, which is very affordable and long-lasting. Next, you have composite teeth fillings that blend well with the color of your natural teeth.

There is a porcelain or ceramic option as well. They are hard to stain and maintain a tooth-like color for many years. However, some argue that these are slightly less durable than other alternatives. Lastly, you can go for gold fillings. They are the longest-lasting option but more expensive than the alternatives.

If you’re confused, you can ask your dentist near you for his recommendation. Dr. DiMartino performs dental fillings now and then and can suggest the best type of dental filing for you. The procedure may take a single visit or more, depending on your choice of filling.

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