Cosmetic Dentistry in Farmington, NY

Did you know that our general and cosmetic dentist in Farmington, NY, can give you a Hollywood smile without the price tag that’s usually associated with a high-budget makeover? That’s right. As a multi-specialty dentist near you, Dr. Mark DiMartino DDS offers a range of cosmetic dentistry near you that can fit within the budget of a patient living in the Farmington, NY, area.

Teeth Whitening Near You

Professional-grade whitening is one of our most commonly performed procedures in cosmetic dentistry. Our professional-grade whitening products perform better than any over-the-counter product, and they are also safer for the enamel of your teeth.

Dental Veneers for a Quick Smile Makeover

Dental veneers are a quick and affordable treatment to make several corrections to your teeth. Veneers are used to adjust the color of teeth, the spacing of teeth, the size and shape of teeth, and more. Although other procedures may deliver similar results, veneers are often less expensive and deliver quicker results.

Dental Bonding Can Be a Great Alternative

Dental bonding is used to treat a wide range of tooth irregularities like dental veneers. There are differences concerning their durability and cost, so dentists should explore both options during your consultation. We’re happy to provide you with a treatment plan that includes the costs of each procedure so you can make the choice that’s best for you.

Dental Crowns Whiten and Strengthen Teeth

Dental crowns are commonly used to strengthen a tooth at risk of breakage, but they are also used in cosmetic dentistry to correct the color and shape. They are considered more durable than dental veneers and dental bonding.

Let Us Help You with Your Smile Makeover

Whether you want one cosmetic dental procedure or several, we will provide you with a smile that you can be proud of! We’ll also ensure that you receive treatments in the correct order for efficiency and economy. Please call our office to schedule a consultation for any of the procedures we’ve listed above. We’d love to answer your questions and prepare a customized treatment plan that meets your goals and budget.

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