How to Keep My Teeth White after Teeth Whitening Treatment?

How to Keep My Teeth White after Teeth Whitening Treatment?

November 1, 2022

After getting your teeth whitened, you might want to maintain the color of your teeth brighter for longer. However, is it possible for you to achieve your goal single-handedly?

Your teeth constantly discolor even after getting teeth whitening near me from a dental professional with the qualifications to whiten your teeth safely and effectively. After overlooking over-the-counter remedies in favor of whitening your teeth from a dentist, you might search for answers on maintaining the brightness of your teeth as long as possible. We suggest a few tips that you can adopt to keep your teeth white after receiving this popular and confidence-boosting treatment that helps rejuvenate your smile.

Tips We Suggest to Keep Your Teeth White, After Your Dental Therapy

  • Limit or Avoid Coffee and Tea:

    You might want to start your day smelling coffee or tea. However, have you wondered how these beverages impact your teeth? If you haven’t, you will express surprise with the information that the drinks can stain your teeth faster than other products. Therefore you must limit or avoid having coffee and tea and substitute the drinks with warm water or warm plain milk to ensure you don’t need other professional teeth whitening therapy soon after getting your teeth brightened. If you can’t avoid these beverages, you must consider drinking them with straws to prevent them from contacting your teeth and rinse your mouth soon after consuming them.

  • Dark Sauces Are Better Avoided: 

    If you think dark sauces add flavor to your bite, you find it beneficial to understand dark sauces are inappropriate for your teeth. These sauces can impact the whiteness you achieve from the dentist for teeth whitening to leave you with stained teeth affecting your smile. Therefore you must avoid dark-colored sauces like red pasta sauce, barbecue sauce, and soy sauce. Instead, you must consider colorless sauces and light-colored foods because they don’t discolor teeth. Some foods we suggest include white rice, white pasta, eggs, cauliflowers, white cheese, peeled potatoes, and Whitefish. The foods and sauces suggested help maintain brighter teeth leaving you with a gleaming smile that makes you proud to show it off.

  • Avoid Acidic Fruit Juices:

    If you intend to retain the brightness of your teeth, you must avoid sour fruit juices from lemons, oranges, and citrus. While these fruits add flavor to foods, they also contribute to staining your teeth instead of keeping them brighter. In addition, the sour taste also contributes to enamel erosion, making you vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities. Therefore you must ensure you stick to limiting or avoiding acidic fruit juices or at least consider eating the foods in moderation to ensure you don’t damage your teeth besides their color.

  • Maintain Excellent Dental Hygiene: 

    If you were determined to get your teeth brightened from teeth whitening in Farmington, NY, it indicates you were committed to making your teeth brighter regardless of the higher prices. Therefore you must also display a similar commitment to keeping the whiteness of your teeth by maintaining excellent dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing once to eliminate food debris and plaque on amd between your teeth are excellent techniques to maintain optimal dental hygiene. In addition, if you smoke, you must consider quitting the habit to benefit your dental and overall health.

  • Dental Appointments:

    Six monthly appointments for oral prophylaxis are also essential from the Farmington dentist. Prevention aims to eliminate plaque and tartar constantly building up on your teeth to give them a discolored appearance besides making you vulnerable to infections like cavities and gum disease. Therefore you must incorporate dental visits every six months to benefit your dental health and maintain your teeth brighter and whiter.

As your teeth start discoloring soon after getting whitening treatments, you can use an excellent method dispensed by dentists to touch up your teeth using at-home whitening trays created explicitly for you by the dental professional. The dentist also provides whitening gel with instructions on when and how to use them for best results. When you incorporate in-office teeth whitening with at-home touch-ups, the treatment results last longer, helping you achieve your goal of having whiter and brighter teeth and maintaining them as best possible.

If you need your teeth whitened by an experienced dentist, we recommend you arrange a consultation with Mark V DiMartino, DDS, providing whitening in Farmington for the best results. The professional help you whiten your teeth with tips on extending the longevity of the therapy from six months to three years.

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