Do you Know Foods Can Also Brighten Teeth? Here're 10 Food You need to Know

Do you Know Foods Can Also Brighten Teeth? Here're 10 Food You need to Know

December 1, 2022

Do you think the sole teeth whitening technique to brighten your teeth is using one of the many remedies sold in drugstores or supermarkets? Would we surprise you by saying some foods can naturally brighten your teeth without needing investment in teeth-whitening remedies to complement your smile?

We are confident you never thought you could brighten your teeth by having food when everyone around you claims foods and beverages are why your teeth have discolored. If so, let us surprise you further by providing some readily available foods you can use to brighten your teeth instead of seeking teeth whitening near me from dentists unless you have severe discoloration you want to hide instantly to show off a beautiful smile in a meeting or other engagement.

Natural Foods Helpful for Natural Teeth Whitening

1. Apple’s:

Apples are rich in malic acid, an ingredient present in many toothpaste brands. Abrasive properties are also present in apples helping scrub your teeth every time you bite into them and chew. Your saliva production increases when you chew apples to help clean your teeth. Therefore why not make apples a daily snack by seasoning them it peanut butter or adding some slices to yogurt for texture?

2. Pineapple:

An amazing mineral, vitamin C is present in pineapples to help strengthen gums and protect against gum disease. It is the one food where bromelain occurs naturally. Bromelain is anti-inflammatory with cleansing properties, making this tasty food beneficial to whiten teeth by breaking up dental plaque.

3. Broccoli:

Broccoli contains fiber and iron that helps reduce inflammation and safeguard teeth from acidic foods also has plenty of fiber. The iron creates a protective shield on your teeth as a barrier against acidic foods that increase enamel erosion. Broccoli is also abrasive, making it an excellent food to scrub your teeth to clean them. If you hate broccoli as one American president did, the best option is to visit teeth whitening in Farmington, NY, to receive whitening treatment provided by the dentist.

4. Strawberries:

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and have different natural whitening properties. Studies by the Journal of dentistry reveal strawberry juice has a positive effect on teeth stained by coffee. Therefore if you suffer from yellow teeth stained by coffee or other beverages adding strawberries to your diet will help brighten your teeth naturally.

5. Cheese:

Cheese tastes good with everything or on anything. However, it also helps your teeth to brighten because it contains calcium and phosphate that strengthen bones and teeth. Casein is also present in cheese with whey to help rebuild tooth enamel, besides lactic acid that helps protect teeth against tooth decay. Therefore you now have another reason to like cheese even more.

6. Basil:

Do not consider basil merely as a herb, as it is also a natural antibiotic. Studies indicate that basil encourages plaque reduction. The leaves of this herb also have natural whitening properties that help reduce bacteria are more and prevent your teeth from staining by some foods and drinks.

7. Carrots:

If you think carrots are just for bunnies, we suggest you think again. Munching on crunchy foods like carrots helps scrub plaque and bacteria, besides strengthening your teeth with keratin and vitamin A to keep your gums healthy and help develop strong enamel.

8. Celery:

Vitamins A and C, two nutrients beneficial to strengthen tooth enamel, are present in celery. Chewing celery helps massage your gums to stimulate saliva production, which helps clean food particles from your teeth and reduce acids and sugar in the mouth. You might dislike celery, but there are various ways to add some flavor to celery while benefiting from them and brightening your teeth.

9. Onion:

Antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that help kill some harmful bacteria in the mouth responsible for tooth decay are present in onions. The benefits of onions extend beyond oral health to help prevent general health conditions and diseases in the body.

10. Kiwi:

Kiwis are nutritious, delicious, and full of fiber to keep your teeth and gums clean. The fruit is also packed with calcium to strengthen tooth enamel to prevent enamel erosion and cavities. In addition, kiwis are full of vitamin C a crucial component of oral health.

If your teeth have discolored to make you think you must brighten them, you can undoubtedly visit the Farmington dentist if you want instant results. Unfortunately, teeth whitening treatments do not last forever and require you to maintain your teeth in appropriate action to enjoy the benefits of the therapy from the dentist. However, if you include the foods mentioned in your diet, you can delay repeat treatments frequently from dentists to keep the shade of your teeth optimal.

Mark V DiMartino, DDS, provides teeth whitening in the region, advising patients to care for their teeth by limiting staining foods and beverages and incorporating some foods from this article in their diets. If you want your teeth whitened and maintain the treatment results, Book your dentist appointment at our dental practice which will help you achieve the desired smile and retain it for a long.

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